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Insomnia Life's Blog

A real world quantum theory for controlling and surviving insomnia

Neurobiological scientific studies of insomnia could lead InsomniaLife Studies to propose experiments into a real world quantum theory for controlling and surviving insomnia and affecting real change on a neurobiological and psychological behavioural and neurocognitive level that improves not only sleep but provides control to your life on a subatomic playing field.

CBT and psychological techniques

For a long time science has studied, tested and treated insomnia through…

The should’s and judgement's on insomniacs

We all know what it is like you are so tired and out of it from days without any real proper sleep and some smartarse see’s you yawning or panda eyed and says “someone had a good night” with a knowing wink. Of course the fact that you spent most of the night tearing your hair out, pulling at your sheets and wanting to bang your head against the wall just to knock you unconscious is all you can think about as this puerile idiot spews forth his bile. You want to punch him in the mouth and…

Causes Of Chronic Fatigue Symptoms: Insomniacs Review

Drowsiness is a simple feeling that can be relieved by going to sleep, that is assuming of course you can sleep, if you are an insomniac or suffering from insomnia even with drowsiness your head can hit the pillow and you become wide awake. Fatigue, though, is more serious such that sleep can never relieve the condition. Apathy is different again and it is a condition where one doesn't completely care of the things around them. All three are fatigue symptoms. Fatigue is the condition when…



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magnesium to aid with sleep

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Featured Writer and Blogger Xiola Jane

Book Review- Exquisite Corpse by Robert Irwin

I first read this book in my early 20's and was enthralled. At the time I was just finishing an undergrad degree in art history and the many art and literary references Irwin throws in pulled me in. I remember reading nearly the whole…


I read an article today about a film by Italian filmmakers, Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli, Anna (1975). The film revolves around a sixteen-year-old girl, homeless, on drugs, and eight months pregnant. Anna is hardcore. The filmmaker, Sarchielli, like a Warholian, takes her in as an interest as a film subject. Anna, having nothing, uses him for a place to stay, and Sarchielli uses her as object/subject. Its easy to extrapolate, “well, it’s a use/use exchange”, but I can’t seem…

Robin's Featured Blog

On dreams and reality

The day is awake
And my eyes are on fire
The reality of the past few months
Echoing in the empty space within me
Blurred moments of genuine happiness
Melding together, with the nightmares
That were never just dreams

What's dead is dead and gone

You broke me in July
So I went away
To put myself back together
Till you came looking
Only to leave me
shattered in August
I asked you please
Please don’t play with me
I couldn’t handle it
And you knew it
Promises, promises
September we took turns
Tearing each other apart
Then soothing the wounds
One magical weekend
Wasn’t enough to heal
Either of our injuries
You killed me in late…

Vincent's Blog

Taking Control; stopping the media from influencing your emotions

It’s amazing when you look out into the world through the window of you TV or computer screen and see it as it is portrayed. The sheer immense amount of negativity I see when I look through these windows is enough to make depressed. If I chose to look through these windows every day my view of the world would surely be a very twisted one. Don’t get me wrong the irony of me writing a blog like this which will be displayed through one of those very windows is not lost on me.

A couple of…

So you can’t sleep

So you can’t sleep

You’re lying awake at night staring at the ceiling

A million million thoughts racing through your mind

Thoughts of yesterday dancing around the corner of your restlessness

Undermining your history asking yourself why did I do that, who was I

Who was that person

Why didn’t I say this, when will I ever learn, why can I not make sense of it all

Why does it all seem so strange, this world and its lack of humanity

Wars for…

The belligerent bullying banality of life

Ok not the most inspiring and life changing titles of a blog I have ever written but anyone who knows me or my writing on this site will know I spew forth my minds bile with little thought to cleaning up behind me.

But the title is right, the title is true and this is how I feel so often when I look out into the world. The belligerent bullying of society to make people feel small because they do not look like Myley Bloody Cyrus or Justin Trousersnake or have their perfect idyllic…

Insomnia in the news

Insomnia Can Lead to Faster Aging in Adults - Doctor Tipster

Doctor Tipster

Insomnia Can Lead to Faster Aging in Adults
Doctor Tipster
Insomnia is a medical condition wherein there is difficulty of sleeping or staying asleep for long periods of time. This lack of sleep makes one feel fatigued and unrefreshed the following day even though there is an opportunity to sleep. Many of us ...

Failed Insomnia Treatments: One Man's Journey - Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Failed Insomnia Treatments: One Man's Journey
Huffington Post
For years, I have wrestled with insomnia, which doctors agree is the leading cause of my tossing and turning. In order to help my fellow-sufferers, I have compiled a catalogue of suggested remedies, tested by me. Ambien. Ambien worked fairly well for me.


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"May Cause Miracles" Gabrielle Bernstein at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, includi...
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A real world quantum theory for controlling and surviving insomnia

Neurobiological scientific studies of insomnia could lead InsomniaLife Studies to propose…See More
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We are now Affiliates of Napier the Herbalist that have some of the best natural insomnia sleep aids on the market click here for more info on their website and type the word insomnia into their search box :-)

Established in Edinburgh in 1860 and offering free samples and free delivery they are probably the most credible supplier of herbal remedies on the market and we are proud to promote them on insomniachat.com 

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