Psychographic profiling wins elections

The world is changing. In fact, it has already changed.the days where the likes of Don Draper and the creative MADMEN would dream up one or two ad campaigns to win your hearts and minds and ultimately a share of your wallet are over.
Whilst the fun and creativity are still there the guesswork isn't. Now in digital, direct and data-driven marketing, we can not only take the guesswork out of our marketing campaigns but by utilising behavioural science and psychographics we can tailor that message and segment it by the user profile. Meaning two different people in the same home could be delivered two completely different adverts on the same topic. With the connection of big data and the Internet of Things and programmatic advertising we can also ensure the right ad is shown at the exactly the right time reducing cost and increasing the return on investment.
On top of this if you add in monitoring the data analytics to refine and improve you can maximise the return on investment.
This is modern day behavioural marketing and it is the future.
It is being used to win political election campaigns and if you are a politician you ignore it at your peril. If you are asking how Trump won this is the answer. If you are sat wondering how Brexit happened, this is the answer.
This video of one company that was used by the Ted Cruz campaign and then later the Trump campaign explains.
find out more at my blog site on digital and behavioural marketing ...

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Comment by S D O'Prey on June 18, 2017 at 3:04pm
As a digital and data driven marketing professional that utilises behavioural science insights I am all too close and aware of these technologies. But I wonder whether anyone is stopping to ask "just because we can do it does it mean we should?" Apart from helping spread the word about this site I work primarily in the business to business field. I do this because between businesses all if fair in love and war, that is to say procurement officers and strategic buyers are as equally versed in the marketing techniques and persuasion techniques of the sales and marketing industry, plus there is usually a team of people making a decision. In this scenario as much data and as much persuasion as need it standard. But when we are dealing with business to consumer or in the above video political party to voter and general public this is an entirely different ball game.
This is advanced manipulation on a large scale and an abuse of the technologies and sciences involved. Digital behavioural marketers and data scientists should be asking "is this right?" "Is this ethical?" "Is this fair?"
I am sure it pays well but a big pay check should not mean we leave our morals at the door. And yeah if this guys company didn't do it someone else would but that doesn't make it ok.

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